San Gavino Monreale is located in Southern Sardinia, Campidano, about 50 km from Cagliari.
It has approximately 9,000 inhabitants, mostly farmers who cultivate saffron and rice. A saffron festival is held here in November.

In the last few years, the town has experienced a slow, but significant development. Thanks to a group of young locals, house facades in the village have been turned into colourful art by renowned street artists. Giorgio Casu, from San Gavino Monreale, is world famous. Year after year, the urban landscape of San Gavino has increasingly become more intense, inspiring, creative and valuable.

There is so much energy around here. Everything is about becoming, feeling, dreaming. All the time. If there’s such a thing as getting tired of exploring a place, coming back, taking time and new opportunities for discovery, San Gavino won’t ever let you do that. It won’t let you catch your breath. It will always push you to search for art, meaning, words, colours, geometries.


Our tip: Explore the murals with a guided tour by Skizzo Cultural Association.
Phone: +39 3805249307. Click here to email.

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