What to see in Pattada?

A tiny village in Logudoro (the Golden Place) bordering the Goceano region, Pattada is the highest municipality in the province of Sassari, with an altitude of 800 m in town, and over 1,000 m in Mount Lerno.

This is a place of character. In the winter, the surrounding mountains glow with snow. I’ve I been in Pattada many times and I always recommend it to visitors.

Here’s a list of must-do’s in Pattada:

1) Visit the pine grove, a dense pine and fir wonderland.

The beautiful pine grove

2) See Lake Lerno: the artificial water basin originated from a dam built in the 70’s. It now sits beautifully in the mountainous landscape.

…And what to do in Pattada?

3) Do you like hiking or trekking? Enjoy a hike, trekking or a walk on Mount Lerno: a number of paths take you around the highest mountain in the area (1,090 metres), past archaeological ruins, including a nuraghe, ponds and Alp-like landscapes populated by mouflons and Sardinian deers. Or take your bike (you also can rent it) and enjoy Monte Lerno!

Lake Lerno
Hiking in Mount Lerno

Pattada is world-famous for Sa Resolza, the traditional folding knife.

4) Visit a knifemaking workshop: Pattada is world-famous for Sa Resolza, the traditional folding knife. There’s a dozen knifemaker workshops in the village, and a private museum with knives from all over the world. Every second year, the town comes alive with the biennial knife festival.

Master Massimo Manca’s knifemaking workshop, Pattada, Logudoro, Sardinia

5) Take a look at a violin making workshop: Pattada is also home to violin makers. Two local artisans produce real work of arts that have been recognized beyond the borders of Sardinia and Europe. Arrange a view with Giannangelo Regaglia. It will be a fantastic experience!

Master Giannangelo Regaglia’s violinmaking workshop

6) Explore the old town to view typical granite houses and Art Nouveau buildings.

7) Experience the local food: at Lo Chalet restaurant, we received a warm welcome and we could enjoy a beautiful view over the pine forest. The food was delicious. We tried a platter of sophisticated appetizers, a main dish from the local tradition with a touch of original innovation, soft wild boar meat and excellent pane fino flat bread. A feast of beauty and taste that we totally recommend!

A dish at Lo Chalet restaurant

Useful information:

Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Chalet, Viale Guglielmo Marconi, Pattada – Mobile phone +39 3491283715
Massimo Manca knife workshop, Via Bellini, 1  Pattada – Mobile phone +39 3409247211
La Bottega del Liuta violin workshop, Via Monte Zebio 1 Pattada (SS) Angelo Regaglia – Phone +30 079756044 – www.angeloregaglia.it

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