Charming Sardinia, what you definitely must see in Sardinia.

The Flanieren in Sardegna project is almost three years old now. Three years of exploring Sardinia. Beauty is to be found at every corner in this Mediterranean island, so here’s our selection of twelve Sardinian towns you must visit if you long for wonderful experiences off the beaten track. This is our must-see town in Sardinia.

Our must-see journey in Sardinia starts in Logudoro in Northern Sardinia, and continues in Anglona, Gallura and Barbagia through to Barigadu and Marghine.

1. Ittireddu

Stand in awe before the mighty dormant volcano that rises above this fairytale town.

Ittireddu Vulcans – Exploring Sardinia – Flanieren in Sardegna

2. Ozieri:

Taste the delicious copuleta di Ozieri and look out over the old town from one of its terraces. Come back at night to enjoy an enchanted view.

Ozieri Old Town – Exploring Sardinia – Flanieren in Sardegna

3. Sedini:

A delightful little town in Anglona. Don’t leave before visiting its Giardino Incantato (Enchanted Garden) and stunning Domus de Janas.

The famed Domus de Janas in Sedini town.

4. Bortigiadas:

another definitely must-see in Sardinia. Take a walk around the streets, admire the murals, take deep breaths and soak in the view from its piazza over the mountains of Gallura.

Exploring Sardinia: Bortigiadas, in Gallura

5. Orani, Barbagia:

trace the steps of artist Costantino Nivola around the old town and at the Nivola Museum.

Museo Nivola a Orani
Exploring Sardinia: Nivola Museum in Orani

6. Orgosolo

At the crossroads between art, politics and history, is one of the most special towns in our island.

Exploring Sardinia: Urban Art in Orgosolo – Flanieren in Sardegna

7. Lodine:

Garage shutters are works of art in Lodine.

Arte urbana a Lodine
Street art in Lodine – Exploring Sardinia – Flanieren in Sardegna

8. Belvì:

Where wood from the forests is turned into art. It is also famous for Belví sausage: the well-known as salsiccia di Belvì

Exploring Sardinia: a walk around the streets of Belvì – Flanieren in Sardegna

9. Tiana:

A little town on the mountains, holding the secret of long life.

The town of Tiana – Exploring Sardinia – Flanieren in Sardegna

10. Fordongianus:

Enjoy the natural thermal waters at the public baths or in the river, and discover the close connection between the waters and the local population.

Exploring Sardinia – Terme di Fordongianus – Flanieren in Sardegna

11. Bidonì:

Pay a visit to the Sa omo ‘e sa Majarza museum to discover the fascinating story of witchcraft in Sardinia.

Sa omo ‘e sa majarza museum in Bidonì

12.  Dualchi.

Last but not least must-see in Sardinia is Dualchi. Make a stop in Dualchi to admire its murals! I bet you will fascinated!

Murales in Dualchi – Sardinia
So, what was your must see in Sardinia?
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