Flanieren in Sardegna tells the world about the beauty of travelling and living in Sardinia, in the form of a travel log conceived for an international audience.

Flanieren‘ is the German for the French word flâneur, the Parisian gentlemen-wanderers described by Baudelaire at the end of the 18th century.

Flanieren in Sardegna is the result of our wanderlust, our love for Sardinia and our eagerness to tell the world about this beautiful, still little known island.

Read our stories on our website, FacebookInstagram and Twitter. You’ll discover beautiful towns and landscapes, exciting music and literature events, stunning beach paradises, traditional Carnival celebrations. 

You will discover local food and its connection with the seasons, free thermal waters, waterfalls, mountains, festivals and public holidays.

With the blog, it will be possible to enjoy Sardinia, the thousands of possibilities that this Mediterranean island, day after day, 365 days a year, can offer to those who live there and to those who visit it with respect.

Flanieren in Sardinia tells Sardinia to the world!

Flanieren in Sardegna is sponsored by Janelas, a cultural association based in Ozieri, Sardinia. Janelas means ‘windows’ in Portuguese, like the windows over the world that we want to open wide, while promoting and supporting the development of the urban, cultural and natural landscape of Sardinia.

Behind Flanieren there is an international team of people who love Sardinia and are eager to tell the world about this island in Italian, Spanish, English and German (more languages to come).

Here’s our team:

  • Flanieren Maria Vittoria Pericu, Logudoro – Founder, Digital PR & Social media manager

  • Flanieren Annamaria Loddo, from Barbagia.

  • Anna Laura Milia, Mattia Mandras, Simone Farina from Sardinia and Niamh Hemstock,  from the UK, who crafts Sardinia stories for our anglophone readers.

  • Francesco Pericu – Project Manager

Happy reading, happy discovery and have a good journey!

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