For many, summer in Sardinia means a beach holiday. Swimming in the countless shades of blue and turquoise of our crystal-clear waters is a sheer delight. However, there’s so much more our island has to offer.
Here’s your short guide to a beautiful summer in Sardinia!

1) The coastline… well yes! If you’re visiting Sardinia in the summer, exploring its stunning shores is a must. Beach paradises and crystal-clear waters can be found anywhere on the island.
Be mindful of these places. Respect their beauty and don’t ever take the sand with you as a souvenir: it’s a crime.

Summer in Sardinia – View over Capo Coda Cavallo

2) Festivals and holidays: a plethora of traditional celebrations take place all around Sardinia in summmer. To mention a few, the S’Ardia di San Costantino horse race in Sedilo during the first few days of July, the S’Essida β€˜e sos Candhaleris procession in Nulvi on the 14th of August, the Assumption procession in Orgosolo on the 15th of August, and the Corsa degli Scalzi Barefoot Run in Cabras on the first weekend of September.

Summer in Sardinia – Sa essida β€˜e sos Candhaleris in Nulvi

3) Lavender is harvested in Riola Sardo, Sinis, in early July – a beautiful event not to be missed.

4) Sale β€˜e porcus in the Sinis region is a very special pond: as its waters evaporate in the summer, a dazzling white expanse of salt is left behind.

5) Summertime is rich with events and festivals all around the island, centred on literature, poetry and music. We especially recommend the Isola delle storie literature festival in Gavoi in early July, and the Time in Jazz international music festival in Berchidda, Gallura, in mid August.

6) Waterfalls: nature lovers should consider visiting the mountains to discover beautiful landscapes, scents and clear waters. You can dive in the Flumendosa river at Sa Stiddiosa, between Gadoni and Seulo in Barbagia, or you can visit the Sos Molinos waterfall near Santulussurgiu.

Summer in Sardinia – Sos Molinos waterfall, Santulussurgiu
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